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What is this?

An online skateboarding challenge for skaters over 30 where we submit one given trick per week for 12 weeks.

How can I join?

You can join by clicking the Join button on the homepage.

You‘ll be redirected to Discord server where the season 2 happens.

I am not over 30, can I join?

Of course! This 30+ thing is more a vibe than anything else. You're welcome as long as you bring positive vibes.

Is this for me?

If you're a skater, you're over 30 and you want to have fun with other skaters, then yes, this is for you.

Beginners? You fear you're not good enough? Don't worry, we're all here to have fun, not to judge each other. Plus, we have accessible tricks in the season.

Pros? You're welcome too, we can do the whole season in switch or over heavy stair sets. 🤷‍♂️

Can I join if the season already started?

Sure, no problem. You can join anytime during the season. It'll just be a bit harder to catch up with the others.

How long is season 2?

12 weeks — it starts on September 11th.

How do I submit a trick?

You just need to post a video of you doing it in the dedicated channel on the Discord server.

Are there rules for a trick to be approved?

Just a few:

1. The weekly trick must be seen from start to end

2. The weekly trick can be included in a line of multiple tricks but not in a combo, or variation of the trick

3. The weekly trick must be submitted on time - (before Sunday midnight your tz)

In case of doubt, the moderators will decide if the trick is valid or not 👀

For the switch tricks, the same rules apply. For rotation, the switch trick must be done so that if we don't know your stance, the trick looks the same (i.e. Fakie FS 180 -> Nollie BS 180).

How do I win?

You win by having fun and sharing your progression with the community... but yes, there are points too...

We value consistency and sharing the stoke. So there is one main leaderboard, and 2 side quests.

About the main leaderboard

Top 3 by points

+10 for the a valid trick submitted on time

+3 if switch

and for the streak: 3 in a row = 5 pts, 6 in a row = 10 pts, 9 in a row = 15 pts, 12 in a row = 20 pts

About side quest "OLD SKATER AMBASSADOR"

Top 1 who invites the biggest number of homies to the challenge.


Top 1 who sends the biggest number of props from the app.

In one image

point system

What do I win?

This will depend on the partners for season 2. We'll announce the prizes soon. Stay tuned!

How the tricks were selected?

We voted for the tricks among 5 bundles proposition.

Here is the result:

vote results

You can learn more by watching the video of the voting session here.

How do I become a partner?

First off, thank you for your interest 🙏.

You can apply here.

We‘ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How do you make money?

Tough one.

I don‘t.

I‘ll start collect donations from this season for 2 main reasons: have a money pool for the prizes, cover up small hosting costs

I‘ll also try to get some sponsors for the next seasons.

If you‘re interested, please reach out!

Who are you?

I‘m Ben, a 33 years old skater from France. I‘m the creator of this challenge. I‘m also a product engineer. I‘m doing this on my free time. I'm doing this because I love skateboarding and I want to share this passion with others. Here are other things I‘ve built

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