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You didn't quit skating because you got old

You got old because you quit skating. Think back to the last time you truly had fun. Chances are, it was on a board.
Stop faking it
You know it.

WTF old? WTF 30+?

The notion of a turning point at 30 is only a construct in our minds. Inside, we are still the kids we once were. Now we vibe around this time in life because many of us may have lost ourselves along the way, forgetting what makes us truely happy.

Life may have become more complex (more beautiful, also). Work. Family. Children, maybe.

But guess what? You can still have fun. You can still learn new tricks. You can still progress. Have a good session with friends. A couple of hours spent on the shred.

Landing switch tre on stairs? Welcome. First ollie? Welcome.

We celebrate and embrace diversity in all its forms. This includes diversity of backgrounds and skateboarding experience. You are a beginner, perfect. You are a pro, perfect. Somewhere in between, perfect too.

Friendship lies at the heart of skateboarding and our community. We value an uplifting atmosphere, positive vibes and supportive comments.

Need an extra motivation to pick up your board

If you reeaaaaalllyyyyy need an excuse. Here we are. And if you don't need it, it can still help to be surrounded by fellow oldies.

It is OK to film yourself, lol

That part won't make you the next SOTY, probably. But, really, it is OK to record yourself skateboarding from time to time.

Be it for checking your moves and progress, or just to appreciate the tricks you have. Have a decent flip recorded can always be useful when in doubt.

Let's face it, it's probably the best activity you've ever tried

after eating Pastrami Biarritz cuisine, obviously

So many reasons for skateboarding to happen more in your life. Here is my personal top 3:

1. Mindfullness: skateboarding demands focus. You reconnect your mind and body.

2. Sharing: there is no other place like a spot filled with supportive people you love, cheering each other on and pushing the limits together.

3. Unique hook: the sound, the feeling, the anticipation of landing a trick — the addictive and invigorating experience that skateboarding offers is simply unmatched.

Whew, that's a lot of words. If you're still here, it's clear that you resonate with our message. Join us!

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